Haresmede (2021)

Haresmede is a virtual installation inspired by the history and folklore of the New Forest. It presents artifacts of both historical stories and fantastical ones through the use of 3D scanned objects and entirely digitally created visual elements, alongside sound composed of both field recordings and artificially synthesized sound. This work aims to blur the boundaries of what is considered real by paralleling the tensions between fact and fiction with the integration of realistic and digital aesthetics.

The sound in Haresmede consists of both ambient field recordings and exclusively digital elements, integrated in Unreal Engine using Wwise.

Puppyuck - Evangeline (2021) - Sound by Vincent Keep

This series of 3D audio-visual projects, reimagines biblical angels as digital entities existing in cyberspace.

The sound for this work was composed in Ableton Live using granular synthesis and various means of distortion in Max for Live to abstract references to digital space and culture.

Tremor (2021)

A series of seven images posted to Instagram with narrative captions unfolding a story, followed by a music release.

The music was created with an approach driven by sound design, using a focus on texture to make the sound cohesive with the imagery and continue the narrative of the story.

Expurgation (2020)

A short audio-visual work exploring performative trauma abreaction. This work built on academic studies of the representation of trauma in traditional and contemporary performance art.

The sound, created and composed in Ableton Live, consists of synthesized sound and heavily manipulated field recordings. The sound explores techniques of noise art, utilising time-based audio manipulation, different types of distortion, and feedback networks. The work is split into four sections, represented by changes in both audio and visuals.